100 Happy Days – Toblerone and Spanish Divas #day1

With the English rainy weather rearing its ugly head again, I’ve decided to take the plunge and start with the 100 happy days list – mainly so I can remind myself it’s not all about the drizzle!

Day one comes courtesy of my family, who recently went away to Spain. Much to my delight they returned with a whopping great bag of mini Toblerones, which if i’m honest I polished off in a single sitting.

photo (7)

So, as I was munching on my treat flown all the way from Spain, I started thinking about the women over there, and how they manage to stay looking so good with delicious chocolate and – hello – tapas, so readily available? The style over there seems to have massively evolved from the ol’ Flamenco dresses, in fact some of Spain’s biggest stars seem to be leading the way in terms of fashion.

Elsa Pataky boohoo

If you haven’t already seen her knocking about in the papers, this is Elsa Pataky – wife of Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth. Here she’s nailing the floaty trouser look, a style which is likely to run through from summer to autumn. I’ve found a pair on boohoo.com that are definitely on my want list!

paz vega boo hoo

This lovely lady is Paz Vega, Spanish actress and model. She looks fantastic in all white, and the look is easily achievable with a few clicks on boohoo.com.

penelope boohoo

It would be wrong to feature a post on Spanish fashion without including Penelope. Although she’s not oh so popular at the minute, she’s still got style. The midi dress is a summer must-have, perfect for nights out, fancy meals or even heading down to the beach. I’m loving this one from boohoo – fingers crossed it’ll end up in my suitcase soon!