The Fake Tan Mousse-Off

Nobody wants to be called a milk bottle, and nobody wants to have wrinkly, leather skin by the time they’re 35. That’s why fake tan is a must for me this summer. In the winter it’s fine, legs can be pale and hairy and no one needs to know (all hail jeans and tights), but when the skirts and shorts are out, it’s time to get bronzed. I’ve tried almost every avenue with fake tan – build ups don’t show up as you put them on, so you end up with lots of odd white patches, spray is just impossible to use unless you’re an actual trained professional, and don’t even get me started on wash off tans (it rains a lot in Manchester). I’ve found that the best way to go is to use mousse, it’s easy to apply and comes out looking really even. They range in prices, but these are my 3 favourites and belong in the fake tanning Hall of Fame.


Mousse collage


Number one on the list is Fake Bake’s mousse. Not that it really matters, but the bottle looks like it was created by a dream team of Marc Jacobs and Elizabeth Olsen. The smell isn’t overpowering, and it glides on really easily.

Also grabbing a place in my top 3 is Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer Bronzing Mousse. It claims to be wash off, but unless you do a full-body scrub every time you’re in the shower, you’re still left with a nice glow.

The final and cheapest product comes from St Moriz. It costs around £2.50, depending on where you buy it, so you can slap it on like it’s going out off fashion. It’s every bit as good as the other two, but it can be drying if you attempt to use it on your face.


Frolicking with feature nails.

I love feature nails. I feel physically NAKED without a feature nail. It’s only in the past year that they’ve become big in the world of celebrities, and pinterest is now full of of sparkly designs to be envious of. I was once told by a friend that the only way to get stand-out ring finger nails is to go with acrylics or gel nail polish, as standard nail varnish isn’t bold enough, but I don’t fancy spending over an hour in the salon every third Saturday. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So, I tried it all – total DIY, a fully professional service, and a make shift in-between to see just how hard it is to achieve the look at home.


feature nail collage


The first style I tried involved A LOT of good ol’ Kelly Brook polish. I used a pale pink on all of my nails, then went over the ringer fingers with her pink sparkly varnish. I used roughly 4 layers of the stuff, and although the end result wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t as stand-out as I was hoping for.

For my second attempt, I used Astor Lacque Deluxe white nail polish (only 99p over at Fragrance Direct, oo er) and an old gold varnish topped with gold glitter polish from Primark. I liked the white, but again the gold just wasn’t sparkly or bright enough.

For the third round, I got my nails done at a local salon, using Gelicure polish. Oh my, it was like heaven on nails. The feature nail was exactly what I wanted, and the pink polish lasted for over 3 weeks. BUT, it cost me £20, and took almost 2 hours out of my Saturday.

My final attempt involved me peeling off the pink gel polish, and painting with Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in Lively Lilac. I was really lazy and left the gel feature nail on, and low and behold it actually looks half decent. Admittedly they need filling in, but after 6 WEEKS the gel on my ring fingers is going strong, and hasn’t chipped whatsoever. Maybe that’s the secret, to head to the salon 8 times a year and only ask for two nails to be painted. Do they do that, is it socially acceptable?! If it’s not, it should be.