Stick the boot in.

I LOVE a good boot. At this time of year it’s all I can bring myself to wear (last week, I saw a girl wearing ballet shoes in subzero temperatures – so wrong). I’ve already got several pairs, but now I’m really keen to invest in the cut out trend.

boot image

My favourite pair to date are from Glamorous (bottom right) as the gold really adds something different. I like the rounded toe, but if you prefer a more pointed toe the Topshop pair are very similar and look great too. If you wear silver accessories more so than gold, the pair from Asos (top middle) are just the ticket – they’re in the sale! Like Mary-Kate Olsen, team with a patterned skort for the perfect feminine/rock chic balance. Missguided have loads in at the minute.


Nailed It.

Having nicely polished nails can make you feel glam, even if you’re lounging in your pyjamas with a hangover and greasy hair. I’ve tried pretty much every method there is to have stand-out nails, and even though the likes of acrylics and shellac polish gave them a great look, my nails were always falling to pieces afterwards. Now there are 2 methods that I’ve found not only look great, but aren’t too harsh on my nails either.

nail image 2

Nail foils like these leopard prints from Rock Beauty London are cheap (around £5-£10 depending on which you choose) and they really do stay on for a long time! Mine lasted a good week before they started to peel. Even Katy Perry wears them (top middle) so they must be doing something right. I also really rate these nail beads from Claire’s. You just paint your nails as normal, then sprinkle the beads on. Use a piece of paper underneath to catch any strays, then you can pour them back in the bottle and use them again!

Winter Sequins

Add a bit of sparkle to these dark winter nights with a show-stopping sequin dress. Whether you’re wanting to dazzle your colleagues at a work’s Christmas do or you’re planning a huge New Year’s Eve event, there’s a dress out there that’s just right for you, no matter what your budget.

sequinIf, like Nicole, you’re lucky enough to have legs that go on forever, the black number from Glamorous is perfect – at £60 it’s reasonably priced for a full length dress. I really like their gold cami dress too (top right) as it’s classy while still being totally on trend. Again at £45 you can wear it just the once without feeling guilty. If you want something really different though, the rose gold Peter Pan style dress from Topshop is the one to go for. it’s £58, which is pricey for a short number, but it’s worth it if you really want to stand out this Christmas.