ghd hot air – review

I thought a hair dryer was a hair dryer – until I tried the new ghd hot air dryer. One word – amazing. At £99 it’s not cheap, but it’s worth every single penny. Before now I would spend 20 minutes just drying my hair – not only was it boring but it made my head REAL hot. Thanks my new ghd dryer, I got my hair done in just 7 minutes! And to top it all off, it’s super quiet too (I can still hear the radio – belting).


Check it out on ghd’s website.


Battle of the moisturisers

Like many people, I have naturally quite dry skin – so it’s really important that I moisturise every day.  There are loads of choices out there, ranging from the questionably cheap to the ridiculously expensive, so I’ve picked 3 to test to see if there really is a  considerable difference between them all.


ysl moisture

This YSL Temps Majeur cream does it all. It firms your skin, it hydrates and it promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (I’m only 22, so I’ll let you know about that last one in ten years). At £234 per 100ml it’s a steep purchase, but I think it’s worth the investment for the silky smooth feeling it leaves on your skin.


clinique moisture

This intense moisturiser from Clinique leaves your face feeling smooth and refreshed. I’m a big fan of Clinique as it always feels gentle on my sensitive skin-  my only gripe is that it doesn’t smell amazing. At £64 per 100ml it’s not ideal if you’re on a tight budget, but bear in mind that a little bit does go a long way.


nivea moisture

Nivea’s soft moisturiser is cheap and cheerful at £2.67 per 100ml. It’s fantastic to slap on in the morning and keep in your bag to top up on throughout the day. What’s really great is that is smells amazing, and is even ideal to use on your hands. As it’s so cheap you can use as much as you like and as often as you like! For this reason it’s my winning moisturiser. It does a great job without breaking the bank.

Put a ring on it.

Rings are the easiest thing to throw on and completely spruce up an otherwise neutral outfit. Normally I stick to plain metals – but recently, big, bold rings seem to be popping up left, right and centre. The best thing is there’s one for every budget. And I mean every budget.

Vivienne Westwood

v.w ring

I’m a big Vivienne Westwood fan, so I had to share this one. At £95 it’s definitely not as expensive as I thought it would be, but it’s still going to require some saving.

View on Selfridges’ Website.


topshop ring

This one’s a beaut. It’s only £20 (still a bit much if you’re on a tight budget) and the purple and gold look really good together.

View on Topshop’s Website

New Look

new look ring

I’m under no illusion that this isn’t going to stand the test of time (it costs £2.99!) but at such a cheap price you can afford to wear it once and replace it when it gives up.

View on New Look’s Website

Oh Crop.

I love crop tops. There. I said it. They’re great for wearing on holiday with a pair of shorts in the day, or glamming up with a midi skirt and heels at night. There are SO many out there, but these ones really stuck out in their price range.



Who doesn’t want a crop top from topshop? I love the lace on this, as well as the bold colour. At £48, it’s definitely more splurge than save.

View on Topshop’s Website

Motel Rocks

crop motel rocks

I’ve never really shopped at Motel Rocks before, but I’ve been told it’s reasonably priced and on trend. Never one to miss a bargain, I had a look and found this. It has a worryingly similar pattern to my curtains, but I’m willing to live with that considering it costs just £22.

View on Motel Rocks’ Website


boohoo crop

I like the print on this one, but I’m questioning how long it’ll last as the material doesn’t look great. On the plus side, it only costs 8 quid! Can’t argue with that.

View it on Boohoo’s website.

Enter the Kimono

The crazy weather we’re having at the moment makes getting dressed in the morning really difficult. At 9am it’s wet and chilly, so you throw a leather jacket on. Big mistake. By 4pm it’s boiling and your arm’s sweating from carrying that stupid jacket that seemed like such a great idea 7 hours ago. Enter the kimono. They’re light enough for a bit of sun, but come in really handy when it’s that bit too cold to go arm-commando.


topshop kimono

At £55, this light, summery Topshop piece is really cost effective if you plan on wearing it all the time.
View on Topshop’s Website

River Island

river kimono

Coming in at £40, this one’s not a whole lot cheaper – but I really like the pattern. I’d wear it with a pair of denim shorts and a plain cropped swing top. But that’s just my bag.

View on River Island’s Website

Own the Runway

owntherun kimono

This number comes from  online fashion hub ‘Own the Runway’. It’s reasonable priced at £36.99, and celebs like Michelle Keegan have been spotted in their clobber.

View on Own the Runway